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AI-Powered 'My Coach': Transforming Fitness Amidst COVID-19


My Coach is a technology that allows an individual to manage and organize a company and team's daily operations. It is a useful technology that enables managers to manage players, their personal information, and games. It also allows optimum tracking of the company team's progression. Also, it eatables the organization of teams and events easier by providing convenient communication between coaches, managers, and employees. This technology is already available in the market due to its easy-to-use and self-directed nature, making coaching more accessible. It is also vital in providing continuous performance feedback. The technology is critical for the organization since it will help solve the problem of fitness and training, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Stein and Brooks (2017) state that artificial intelligence technology has already dominated the fitness sector. Therefore, this study will explore the implementation of artificial intelligence technology “my coach” to solve fitness and perfection challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The Problem This Innovation Will Solve Within The Organization.

My coach is intelligent fitness apps, strategic statistical analyses, grouping of spectators, or even the fight against Covid-19 - AI that has become indispensable in sports. The technology enables managers to organize and manage a team's daily operations, day after day, season after season. Moreover, the technology is created to answer professional and amateur coaches’ needs. Within a simple procedure, an individual can manage players and their personal information, prepare training, and play games. The data collected can be crucial in keeping all the employee data and enjoying an optimum tracking of the team's progression.


This innovation is designed to solve various problems in the organization. First, it will solve the issue of face-to-face training, especially during the Pandemics period. The innovation provides electronic resources to help the team achieve its fitness goals without needing person-to-person communication. It is also an opportunity to attract new spinning customers who need fitness services from the organization. The technology can offer an online training platform for cycling and running, thus able to attract more clients other than the organization team. Additionally, technology is essential in collecting data in sports. According to Luo et al. (2021), artificial intelligence is being established and becoming more useful to sports from the coach to the team and the fan. This technology observes and collects more data and statistics than ever, making it available for the team. Some of the essential data obtained in a team include daily practice, pass rates, or goal-shooting efficiency. Also, this technology can be crucial in evaluating the opponent team's weakness and helping develop strategies that enable the team to win.

According to Cummings (2018), an increasing number of teams increases competition in funding. Therefore, "my coach" technology is essential in solving this problem since it provides inexpensive fitness training, thus reducing the cost of training and other expenses. The technology helps users to perform movements correctly or better. Its most important advantage is that it can be accessed for workout planning, monitoring, and even motivation at a fraction of the current cost. Therefore, it can reach many people at a reduced cost. Apart from being inexpensive training, the technology calculates the individually perfect workout. The technology can process incredible amounts of data from wearable which is impossible for a human trainer. Via the continuous machine learning with the technology offers personal workout plan of the App-Coach, thus making training more effective ad increasing the chances of winning more matches. Also, the technology will ease the role of mediating between sport and the public. It has become an integral part of sports since it provides digital marketing and digital communication platform, easing management's role in the organization.

Approximate Timeline For Implementation And Quick Wins

Planning 5 July-6 Aug. 2021

To implement the technology, there is a need for effective planning. This includes identifying a team and creating a shared timeline for carrying the execution gradually. The planning is also vital in determining how long the technology will last, what is required to introduce the new technology, and the training needed.

Process Design 8 August – 8 December 2021

This process will allow the organization to organize and run things more efficiently. The technology is created using process design methods. Therefore, there is a need to adjust many new processes to the logic used to build that software.

Solution Design 4 January – 8 February 2022

After designing the process design, it is essential to create the solution design. It is a crucial roadmap of business requirements and processes. In this process, the technology is mapped. This step is essential in ensuring that the organization better understands the technology better. Similarly, this process is crucial in identifying which new software features can be used and customized to fit the team and business's needs.

Configuration and Customization 4 March – 8 April. 2022

After solution design, it comes to the most crucial step of installing the software and proceeds to configure those features that need to be utilized immediately. This process is essential since it ensures that the technology meets their specific business environment, needs, and procedures.

Integration 12 April – 30 May. 2022

This process involves migrating data from one system to the new system. This process is vital in ensuring that the company moves to the new system and adopts a digital process in its coaching.

Reporting 12 June – 30 August. 2022

This step ensures that teams understand what information is valuable for them to improve their decision-making process. This system includes data dashboards where an individual can visualize organization performance. Therefore, it is a step that can be important in building and customizing the system.

Training and testing august 2022

This process involves educating the technology team and the organization's employees concerning the technology. Also, it consists of teaching the end-user how it works. This process will be continuous to ensure that employees are always updated, and that coaching continues effectively.

Quick Wins

  1. Increased team support.
  2. Reduced team training expenses
  3. Increased marketing

Approximate Costs Associated With the Implementation

The program is cost-effective since it has a few steps that involve funding. Therefore, the approximate finding for the project is $22 000. From this budget, approximately $200 will be used for needs assessments. The program design is expected to be carried out by employees; thus, no additional cost is involved. However, there will also be a budget for hiring more information technology technicians, which will be catered as regular company salary and not part of the project. There are also hardware and facilities, which are expected to take about $800. Most facilities, including computers, are available thus no big-budget involved. Also, since the public will also be welcome to use the technology for their physical benefit, marketing will be critical. Marketing the program will take most of the funds since it is the most vocal and instrumental step. Therefore, it is expected to take $20,000. Lastly, though employees will undertake evaluation, external evaluators will also be involved; thus, it is expected to cost $500.

Legacy and Resistance Issues Identified

The technology will help coaches improve players' techniques and help individuals in their training and losing weight. The technology will be vital in advancing the performance of the team (Evans et al., 2012). It is a powerful tool to analyze how coaches and individuals perform. Similarly, the technology will ensure that players' health and fitness are closely monitored, and performance is increased in the company. Moreover, it is a strategy to maintain the players’ fitness and keep them safe from injuries by taking timely action. Thus, this legacy will promote a continuous increase in company income and a competitive advantage (Evans et al., 2012). The competitive advantage is elements that give an organization an upper hand in marketing its product and ensuring customer loyalty. The company will have a competitive strategy since the technology will promote the training of team players and the public, thus increasing both fitness of team players and the company's income.

However, regardless of the perceived legacy, there is also some limitation. According to Zhang (2019), the sports industry is rapidly growing. The study reveals that it has witnessed the most significant growth in the industry's history over the last decade. Besides, competition is increasing. Therefore, there is a tremendous challenge of beating the competition and having more clients using the company's technology to improve fitness. Also, the strategy is limited due to market uncertainty, where there is no guarantee of the program's success, considering that the COVID-19 pandemic might end and mass training is normal. However, the technology will also remain valid since most individuals will still achieve fitness in private and in their homes, thus validating the technology. Also, the technology is perfect in training therefore critical to the company.

The Training and Development Needs

The technology will involve a change from regular training to training using technology. Therefore employees, including coaches, need professional development and new skills. Therefore, training on information technology is vital for all employees to be more competitive (Shulman, S., 2011). Training on hardware, software, security, business applications, artificial intelligence, and databases is crucial to all employees. Likewise, the employee needs to be trained in controlling the flow of information by utilizing new technologies and computer systems. Similarly, with clients and team data being captured in the system, teaching employees about data protection and security is vital.

Moreover, according to Schmidt et al. (2017), change is always difficult. Therefore, it requires a structured and careful approach to making sure that changes are accepted and smoothly implemented. Therefore, all employees will be trained concerning the project, its objective, and its relation to the company objective. This training will be vital since it will ensure that there is little or no change resistance. Also, implement the change needs a variety of personal and professional skills. First, to be successful, employees need to be trained on teamwork skills, which are vital in collaborating in implementing the change. Also, customer handling skills will be vital to ensure the organization's good reputation is maintained and there are no cultural differences. Moreover, analytical and decision-making skills will be promoted to ensure continuous development and success of the project.

Pitch Presentation


The sporting industry is rapidly growing, and the number of clubs and teams is increasing daily. This indicates that competition is high; thus, gaining a competitive advantage is an opportunity that can promote the profitability of a club. Therefore, the major problem is perfecting players' training and increasing income to the company, mainly when games are limited during COVID-19.


During the COVID-19 pandemic and after the pandemic, training is very vital. Therefore, offering a solution like "My coach," which is artificial intelligence, is essential in promoting training and fitness among players and the company clients. Therefore, the technology will offer training without the necessity of face-to-face training.

Target Market and Opportunity

As stated, the target market will be the youth in the United Kingdom. However, the strategy will not limit anyone who would like to join the company globally. Therefore, with the limitation of training and fitness in many countries due to COVID-19, the technology is expected to be used by more than one million people globally since it is online and useful.


There are also opportunities in that the youngest people are available on social media; therefore, targeted marketing will be beneficial. Similarly, the current pandemic is an opportunity since it limits people from training in the open, thus increasing its profits.

Revenue Model or Business Model

This method will generate by increasing income and fan loyalty. The innovation will also promote club membership, the purchase of club kits, and other activities to promote the company's income.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

The organization will mostly utilize social media to achieve its objective. This will include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media. The company will ensure increased social media presence and targeted marketing to promote its product.


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People with proper skills and competence are propelling the innovation to ensure the success of the invention. Some of the experts in the innovation team will include IT technicians, managers, and marketers.


Finances will be budgeted from the organization's innovation department.


The technology and company faced a lot of domestic and international competition. Also, the well-established artificial technology and youtube pose a challenge to the new technology.


My Coach- the Artificial Intelligence is a smart technology that will help address the issue of fitness especially when mass exercising is limited and as well increase income to the company.


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Shulman, S., 2011, June. DiscoverText: Software training to unlock the power of text. In Proceedings of the 12th annual international digital government research conference: digital government innovation in challenging times (pp. 373-373).

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